The Winter Beer Challenge 2010

Posted on December 14th, 2010

Winter and holiday-themed beers can be a great way to warm up on a cold winter evening. With so many out there though it can be tough to know which ones to drink. As we did with pumpkin beers in October, the Beeriety team got together last Sunday to solve this problem. We conducted a blind taste test of 16 popular winter beers  to see what beer would emerge as the group favorite when labels, brands and preconceptions were removed.

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10 Perfect Beers For The Holidays

Posted on December 22nd, 2009

With Christmas coming up on Friday, now is the time to get into the holiday spirit. We here at Beeriety think enjoying the right beer with loved ones can be a great way to make the most of these festive times. We previously showed you how to pair the right beer with Christmas dinner, now we’re sharing 10 of our favorite beers specifically made for the holidays:

Yule Tide – This holiday tripel from Clipper City has a touch of nutmeg in it for a few festive flavors.

Affligem Noel – This is a classic example of the “Noel beer” mini-style made by many Belgian brewers. It’s medium in body with sweet, malty flavors and a touch of winter spices like nutmeg and cinnamon.

Delirium Tremens Noel – Another great version of “Noel beer.” It’s similar to Affligem’s version but has a brighter, less sweet taste thanks to Delierum’s house blend of yeast.

Bell’s Christmas Ale – This nutmeg and cinnamon brew is great treat at the end of the year from one of Michigan’s best brewers.

Anchor Christmas – Anchor is the first craft brewer in America, so it’s fitting that they are also one of the first American brewers to produce a yearly Christmas beer. These are rich and nutty but much lighter than the Belgian Noel beers.

Santa’s Private Reserve – From Rogue Brewing in Oregon, leave this for Santa instead of Eggnog.

Sam Adams Old Fezziwig – This winter ale is named after a jolly character from Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. It has been known to make yours truly a bit jolly from time to time too.

Sam Adams Holiday Porter – Another great winter beer from Sam Adams. Like Old Fezziwig, it’s only available in their holiday mix pack, which is a must buy during the holiday season.

He’brew Messiah – If Christmas isn’t your thing, try this delicious kosher beer from some great New York City brewers.

Great Divide Yeti Imperial Stout – This mighty stout is as big and powerful as the infamous indomitable snowman it’s named after.

Sam Smith Winter Welcome– Like Anchor Christmas ale, this one has been around awhile and is really worth seeking out for any serious beer lover. It’s lighter in body than most others on this list but just as sweet. In many ways, it reminds me of a barleywine with low hops – just a big, malty delight.

Merry Christmas!

Pairing Beer with Christmas Dinner

Posted on December 17th, 2009

For many, Christmas dinner is one of most anticipated meals of the year. Full of good food and good company, this meal can be the highlight of the winter. Although wine is the beverage most often served with this meal, beer pairs well with many of the most common items on a Christmas menu.

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Beeriety’s Holiday Gift Guide

Posted on December 11th, 2009


If you’ve been wondering what to get this holiday season for the beer lovers you know, look no further than our holiday gift guide.

Beer of the Month Club – Once a month, the Beer of the Month club will ship a 12-pack of different hand-selected American and international craft beers right to your door step. This is a great way to check out beers not normally disturbed in your area. A member of the Beeriety Team has really enjoyed her subscription, and we’re sure you will too. There are several different price plans available to accommodate a range of budgets. Find out more info at

Books – There are all sorts of really amazing books out there on all subjects beer; everything from the business of brewing to the history of beer has a book or two devoted to it. Most are available wherever books are sold, but is probably the one stop shop for books on beer. Some quick recommendations-


Posters – The designs used on beer bottles and advertisements before Prohibition were simply amazing. Check out’s poster and sign section for a great collection of antique prints that will look great on any wall.

Glassware – As we’ve discussed, the proper glassware is essential for getting the most out of your beer. With so many varieties of glassware there is a lot to choose from. Check out for all your glassware needs.


Homebrewing kits – As we explained recently, if you love beer there are lot of great reasons why you should make beer in your kitchen. The first step towards homebrew heaven is getting the necessary equipment. Head to your local home brew supply store or to order all you’ll need.

Videos – If you haven’t seen it, the 2008 documentary Beer Wars is a must see for any lover beer. It’s a fascinating look at the American brewing industry. Pick up a copy at Basic Brewing is a fantastic video podcast about beer and homebrewing by two guys in Northwest Arkansas. If you’re interested in learning to brew but want more than a book to guide you, pick up one of their how-to videos.

Ommegang gift pack

Gift Packs – Many breweries will put together their own holiday gift packs which combine several bottles of beer with the proper mug or glass. It’s a simple way to give a beer lover some of their favorite brews and the glassware that goes with it at the same time. Look for them at finer liquor stores in your area.

Beer dinner tickets – Many beer restaurants/bars and brewpubs host beer dinners. This usually consists of several preselected courses of food with specific beers pairings. It’s a great way to see first hand the magic of pairing beer with food. Check with your favorite local beer restaurant or brewery to see what dinners they are hosting soon.

A special beer – No beer lover will ever complain about getting the gift of beer. Why not find something special to show that you really care? Many breweries produce wonderful special brews that make great gifts. Bottles of Thomas Hardy Ale can be found on ebay from as far back as the 1960’s. Fullers produces a great series of vintage ales that will age for decades. Flying Dog’s Wild Dog series are true collector’s items.

These are just a few suggestions. There are plenty of amazing gifts out there for the beer lover in your life. Hit us up in the comments or on twitter to tell us what beer gifts you want this year.