Brew School: Becoming a Brewer

Posted on June 16th, 2010

Friend of Beeriety Justin Lloyd recently began working at Chelsea Brewring Company in Manhattan as a cellar man. Below is the first in a new series of articles by Justin about what it’s like to work in the brewing industry.

Last year I set out across the country in search of the ultimate job—professional brewer. After three months of visiting numerous breweries, pubs and festivals, I landed in Portland, Oregon and set out to find a job in a commercial brewery. Despite dropping off resumes at every brewery, distribution company and beer bar in the area, I simply could not get a job in the industry and resigned myself to home brewing. I eventually found a job in a restaurant but kept an eye out for a chance to work with beer. Hours were spent scanning websites like and beer blogs for internship opportunities; pint and after was consumed while chatting up brewers trying to discern their secrets for success; I even convinced a film-making friend of mine to edit a video submission for a chance to work at Full Sail Brewing in Hood River, Oregon:

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