Beer For Breakfast: Beeriety and Girls Pint Out Visits the Sam Adams Brewery

Posted on February 3rd, 2011

Last Saturday Beeriety & Girls’ Pint Out got 45 of our closest friends together for a private tour of the Sam Adams Brewery in Boston. It was a great chance to see old friends, meet new ones and learn a thing or two about beer. A great time was had by all.

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Winter Warm-Up at the Haven in Boston!

Posted on January 21st, 2011

Winter got you down…?

Warm-up with Beeriety & Girls’ Pint Out at Boston’s premiere Scottish pub – THE HAVEN!

Stop by on Thursday Feb. 10th between 6:00 & 8:00 pm for appetizers, fun, and most importantly LOTS of Scottish beer.

Don’t know much about Scottish beer? No problem. We’ll be offering three different flights, ranging from $8-$10, so you can learn a bit about Scotland and the particular geographic conditions that make its beer so unique. Owner and resident Scotsman, Jason, will be on hand to help us taste our away across his homeland.

To sweeten the deal even more, when you buy any flight you can add a Scotch Egg for only $5.00!

The Haven is located in Jamaica Plain, an easy distance from the Orange or Green [E] lines and an even easier distance from the #39 bus.

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The Cranberry Lifecycle

Posted on January 6th, 2011

As we all know by now the secret to a good winter  is a beer with more robust flavors, aged notes, and plenty of ABV to keep us feeling warm. So in keeping with the winter spirit, my roommate and I decided to brew up something unique and sweet for the coming winter storm.  Straight out of the book “Extreme Brewing” by Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head fame, we attempted to brew the “Crandaddy Braggot”, which, if you can’t deduce from the title, is a braggot.

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Beeriety’s Holiday Gift Guide 2010

Posted on December 9th, 2010

Last year, we gave you a number of beer-themed gift ideas in our 2009 Beeriety Gift Guide. This year, we’re going to add a few things to that list, check it twice, and give you a a few tips to brighten the season for your favorite beer nerd (or yourself!)

Using the right glassware is important, but using fun glassware is also important. Give your beer a little panache by putting it in a re-purposed bottle of your favorite beer. Or if you’re feeling a little mischievous, try out some mustache pint glasses instead. All stocked up on glasses? You can also buy re-purposed bottles to be used as cheese-plates, cutting boards, or just as stylish wall art. If the idea of gifting glassware gives you pause, shop around for some less-breakable housewares: beer-y kitchen towels, a handy beer-cap basket, or a fun beer-opening technology from Capcatchers would all make great options!

Bath Products:
In the past we’ve talked about all of the ways you can use beer on your body and not just in it.  Give your favorite beer-enthusiast a bottle of beer they can’t drink with Lush’s Cynthia Sylvia Stout shampoo. Made with real stout and bumped up with some additional brewer’s yeast, this concoction promotes shiny hair and healthy scalps for men and women alike. If you’re unsure about putting beer in your hair, try out a beer soap – you can find dozens of varieties on Etsy or possibly even at your local brewery!

Clothes & Jewelry:

If the beer-lover in your life has a favorite brewery, check their online store for t-shirts, hats, or even socks so he or she can show some pride. However, you can also find great fashions that celebrate beer more generally at places Craft Beer Clothing or even grab a hand-made gem like these hops, barley, & wheat silk-screened ties.There are also a number of jewelery-makers who use beer bottles, cans or caps as the material for their designs – from sterling silver-backed bracelets and cuff-links to something as simple as bottle cap earrings to something as unique as a beer-opener ring!


‘Tis the season, so if you happen to be a decking a tree, some halls, or anything else that could use a good decking, throw some beer-themed ornaments into your wintry mix

If you’re a little craftier, you could also make your own beer-themed crafts. You can make your own jewelry, ornaments, and other home decor out from your favorite beers cans or caps. If you’re not crafting-savvy, go back to our friends at Etsy and check out what they have to offer!

The Crafted Can – Anderson Valley Summer Solstice Ale

Posted on November 9th, 2010

The brewery is Anderson Valley Brewing Company in Boonville, California. The brewery is solar powered. The brews are made from all natural ingredients. The canned six pack uses an eco-friendly holder. The brewery itself was first housed in the basement of the The Buckhorn Saloon. The beer is Summer Solstice, and it is quite the surprise.

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