Beer of the Week: Yuengling Traditional Lager

Posted on September 21st, 2011

About: Like many people who grew up in the Mid-Atlantic, Yuengling holds a very special place in my heart. But much like our love of good cheesesteaks and Wawa, there’s just something about our Yuengling fever that seems to get lost in translation. What’s so special about it anyway? Well, whether you grew up in Yuengling country or not, chances are you may know that Yuengling is the oldest American-owned brewery operating today. Opened in 1829 by German emigrant David G. Yuengling in Pottsville, PA, the Yuengling brewery survived Prohibition by brewing non-alcoholic “near beer” and opening a dairy to supplement their income. The brewery is still owned and operated by the family to this day.

In a Nut Shell: If you want a crisp, easy-drinking [and cheap] lager, it’s hard to do better than Yuengling.
Review: It’s hard for me to be objective about this beer, but I’ll do my best. It pours a beautiful medium-amber color with good carbonation but very little smell. It’s got clean, biscuity cereal grain flavors; it’s low on hops and well balanced. Even using my most stringent beer-criteria, I really can’t find much to criticize here. Traditional lagers are frequently a fairly uncomplicated beer style, and this is no exception. But it’s flavorful, delicious, refreshing – everything about it rubs me the right way. Is the most amazing beer in the world? Or even the best and most perfect incarnation of a lager? Probably not. But is it a great beer for a lazy afternoon? At 4.4 % ABV and a price pretty close to Miller and Bud, it might be the perfect beer for a lazy afternoon – especially in the Mid-Atlantic, where Yuengling will always be king. It’s as American apple pie, baseball, and well, beer. Rumor has it, it’s even President Obama’s favorite brew. What’s more American than that?
Rating: 4 out of 5

  • Samantha Hanson

    I’m a little surprised. I would say that Yuengling is one of the better macrobrews and yes, it’s cheap, but the praise stops there. There are plenty of light, refreshing, drinkable beers that actually have some nice flavor. I’d put down the extra dollar for a Dale’s or Prima Pils on a lazy afternoon over a Yuengling any day. I am a proud Pennsylvanian though and I do still love my cheesesteaks and Wawa

  • manfred juengling

    from juengling to yuengling , greetings from barcelona

  • Ronald McDonald

    Yuengling is crap. Having grown up in the area and having the shite forced on me for years, I do not see the love for this beer. For a Macro I guess they’re OK, but Sam Adams is far superior.