Beer of The Week: Smuttynose S’Muttonator Dopplebock

Posted on August 30th, 2011

About the beer: Dopplebocks are dark and strong lagers that are traditionally enjoyed in the winter months. There’s still no reason why you can’t enjoy them any time of year though so last week I cracked open a bottle I had in my small beer cellar.  The one I went with,  Smuttynose S’Muttonator is a great example of this traditional style,  but with an American twist.

In a Nutshell: Smuttynose S’muttonator is a great American take on a classic German style.

Review: Smuttynose has long been a favorite New England brewery of mine. While they are mostly known for more conservative fair like pale ales, when they do bolder styles in their Big Beer series they never disappoint. The S’Muttonator is no different. It’s a big, bold, nutty beer that  tastes great.  While dopplebocks are meant to be strong beers, both in their flavor and alcohol, I’ve often found many of them a bit too sweet to really get into. The S’muttonator does a nice job balancing out the sweeter qualities with just a kiss of hops, making it a beer I think anyone could enjoy.

Rating: 4 out of 5


(Photo by Dan Larson)

  • Office Pod

    I have tasted this very recently. And I would say this is one of the strongest beer I had. But I don’t like this much. I don’t feel any special after having this. One advice if you are not much in to strong drinks then do not try this out.