Beer of the Week: Brewdog Dogma

Posted on June 29th, 2011

About this beer: Scotland’s Brewdog is one of the most intimidating craft beer companies around. They make the world’s strongest beer, The End of History. (41% ABV) They aren’t just known for making crazy high ABV beers alone, they also have an incredibly wide range of non-coma inducing goodness. For this beer review I choose to step away from the relative safety of trying their highly regarded IPA (Punk IPA) and chose to drink something a bit more eclectic. Having never tasted one of Brewdog’s brews before I decided to go with Dogma, which is a strong ale made with honey, kola nut, poppy seed, and guarana.

In a nutshell: This beer was a tasty experiment that left me pleased. While I didn’t find all of the flavors I was hoping for the honey aftertaste made it incredibly drinkable and something worth buying again.

Review: The beer poured an incredibly dark amber color, with a sweet head that was retained throughout the drink. It had honey notes in the smell that left a wonderful honey after taste. The beer had a full body and great consistency, with a very bready malt backbone but the sweetness from the honey overtook the other tastes, I didn’t get kola nut, poppy seed or guarana. (Or I wasn’t looking in the right places.) The beer was overall incredibly refreshing and pleasant to drink. With how sweet it was It’s good for a pint or two but not something I could drink all night.


3 out of 5: Worth a Try.