Beer For Breakfast: Beeriety and Girls Pint Out Visits the Sam Adams Brewery

Posted on February 3rd, 2011

Last Saturday Beeriety & Girls’ Pint Out got 45 of our closest friends together for a private tour of the Sam Adams Brewery in Boston. It was a great chance to see old friends, meet new ones and learn a thing or two about beer. A great time was had by all.

Our tour started with a visit to the ingredients room, where we learned a little something about what goes into beer. Long time readers of our site should be familiar with the basics about what’s in beer and how it gets made, but it was great to see some of the ingredients up close to see smell and taste what beer is made of.

Next we got to take a visit to the Barrel Room, a special section of the brewery not usually shown on tours. It was really exciting to see where a lot of Sam Adams’ special releases like Utopias and their Barrel Room series are aged in handmade wooden barrels.

After that it was off to the tasting room we were got to sample some of the brewery’s classic beers as well as some new ones. While we were there we got to take a few sips of Brick Red, a special draft only brew only available in the Boston area, the profits of which go towards charity. However, the real highlight was getting to taste their Farmhouse Ale, a brand new beer in the Belgian saison style which Sam Adams will hopefully be releasing later this year. The beer was light and crisp while still being full bodied. It should make for a great brew during the warmer months.

Trying all of that beer made us a bit hungry, so we all went down the street to historic Doyle’s Cafe, the first place Sam Adams was sold commercially, for a little brunch. Doyle’s was nice enough to give us the entire back room. It was a great chance to chat with fellow beer lovers and munch on some tasty food.

All and all it was a great morning. We couldn’t have asked for a better turn out or nicer people at Sam Adams and Doyle’s. A special thanks to everyone who braved the cold and snow to join us. We’re hoping for a similar experience at our event next week at The Haven pub in Jamaica Plain. If you’re around next Thursday from 6-8pm you should be sure to join us for some Scottish beers and food. Check here for details.

Special thanks To Stephen Folkins for the photos.