Beer of the Week – Sam Adams Infinium

Posted on January 11th, 2011

About the beer: Recently, Sam Adams, America’s largest craft brewery, and Weihenstephan, the world’s oldest brewery, collaborated to create a new beer called Infinium. There was a lot of hype prior to the release of this beer, partly driven by the fact that Weihenstephan rarely does collaborations. The day of the release, there was a massive line outside the Sam Adams Brewery in Boston full of excited beer lovers wanting to get their hands on this new product.  Brewed in the tradition of the German Beer Purity Law, Sam Adams describes the beer as “groundbreaking” with a “champagne-like” character.

In a nutshell: Infinium was a lot of hype and not much delivery, which dragged down its mediocre taste even more.

Review: The last phrase I would use to describe this beer is champagne-like. Don’t get me wrong; it was a good beer…but just good. It was a bit bubbly, but a bit too malty for how it was described.  I didn’t get any fruit or spice in the aroma. It was a bit like the Weihenstephan hefeheizen was run through a used or unclean tap. From all the buzz I heard prior to trying this beer, I was really hoping for something spectacular, especially from two breweries I very much enjoy. The fact that two years of work went into this brew breaks my heart a little bit. I won’t say don’t try it, but I doubt I would ever really recommend it to a friend, or really, anyone else.

Rating: 2 out of 5

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  • John Jones Drink

    Gotta disagree with you here. I think the hype around this beer raised expectations of most people a little to high. A few of my freinds and I loved it. Although we are huge Weihenstephan fans, and that may cloud our judgement a little.