Beeriety Visits the Belgian Beer Fest

Posted on November 18th, 2010

Recently my Beeriety cohort, Alicia, and I took a trot over to Boston’s beautiful Back Bay to check out the Belgian Beer Fest at the Cyclorama. In an all-too-short three hour session, we were able to sample a wide variety of fantastic beers from some excellent American craft breweries as well as several beers fresh from Europe and Canada.

Up first and worth notable mention is the fantastic work being done over at the New Belgium Brewing company. They were kind enough to set up shop at the show and let us in on their “Lips of Faith” series of beers. Some really great things are going on at this up and coming Colorado brewery. I was fortunate enough to find their beers in Seattle while visiting the west coast recently, however their beers are impossible to find up in my normal neck of the woods. For east coast drinkers, the northernmost they can be found is North Carolina – an unfortunate fact considering they had some of the most unique offerings at the entire show.

Next up is Massachusetts’ own Haverhill Brewery. Their mix of year-round and seasonal offerings left a distinct impression on my companion and I. Of particular note was their Leatherlips IPA and their Ascension Belgian IPA. Definitely check out these guys if you get a chance. You won’t be disappointed.

Finally, the proverbial “Best in Show” award goes to another Massachusetts local, the Cambridge Brewing Company. Their impressive lineup included the Cerise Casée, a barrel aged sour, and their Sgt. Pepper, a “Saison au Poivre” which, as culinary students might infer, means it’s made with peppercorns. Every beer at their booth was as wild and unique as the last, earning them the prestigious honour of having me spell honour with a ‘u’ and attributing it to them.

There were plenty of other delicious beers being offered; far too many to list here, not to mention taste at the show over the course of a mere few hours. A few final beers I took note of include:

Overall, we had an excellent time. It was great to see that the spirit of Belgium is alive and well in the states and abroad in the world of beer. Not to mention it was great to spend a cold Saturday with some good people talking about great beer. Be sure to check out your local pubs and craft beer stores for all the gems listed in this article, and please share your thoughts in the comments. I’d love to know what everyone thinks of them.

  • Hi. I had a few tonight at Bier Circus in Brussels… 500 beers on the menu. Hurrah! Keep up the good work.