Women & Beer: Getting to Know Girls’ Pint Out

Posted on November 11th, 2010

Last Wednesday marked the first official meet-up of the Boston chapter of Girls’ Pint Out. To show our support and see what GPO is all about, the ladies of Beeriety (me, Erin, Alicia) headed to Deep Ellum for some chatting, some drinking, and some killer duck confit mac n’ cheese.

During the course of the evening, I got a chance to chat with Boston GPO coordinator, Rebbeca Millette, and find out a bit more about their organizational goals. Much like Beeriety, GPO is very interested in education, making beer culture accessible, and (as we’ve discussed before) the role of women in the beer community. They also place a special focus on events –  getting women together to expand their beer-horizons through tastings, beer-dinners, home brewing, and other group outings. She gave me a short history of the organization: they started in Indiana earlier this year and have already set-up branches in Florida, Texas, Arizona, Ohio, and now Massachusetts. The Boston branch has only been in existence since September, but they already have over 100 fans on facebook and pulled about 20 ladies for the first gathering. According to Rebecca, this first Boston meet-up was a way to welcome and get to know members as well as gain a sense of their beer-knowledge, interests, etc.

But of course the evening wasn’t just chatting – there was also plenty of tasting to do as we worked our way through Ellum’s lovely draft list. Among the evening’s favorites were local brews like High & Mighty’s Beer of the Gods, Cisco’s oak-aged Lady of the Woods, Pretty Things’ Babayaga, and Clown Shoes’ Clementine. My personal pick of the evening was the Thiriez Extra (pronounced Tee-ri-ay according to Ellum proprietor Max,) a dry, hoppy saison from France. These and other beers helped to open up a number of different conversations, suggestions, and ideas about beer culture – how to learn about it, how to talk about, and how to participate in it.

All in all it was a great evening with great ladies. We here at Beeriety look forward to many future GPO outings!

  • Funandfearlessinbeantown

    The first meet-up was a blast and I can’t wait to head to the next one!