The Boston Lobster Party

Posted on October 17th, 2010


On Saturday, October 16th @EatBoston hosted a lobster and beer fest dubbed the Boston Lobster Party at The Historic SoWa Power Station. 15 craft breweries set up shop and brought a plethora of kegs and bottles. In addition to all the craft goodness one can drink, there were 9 of Boston’s restaurants showcasing a number of lobster dishes.

If you are unfamiliar with @EatBoston and live in New England, you are missing out. Sure this isn’t your American Craft Beer Festival, but it’s a damn good time. Back in April they hosted the Boston Bacon & Beer Festival. See a trend forming here? The best food mixed with the best beer!

The Attending Breweries:

The Attending Restaurants:

On to the event:

Upon entry we were each given a fork, plate, tasting cup, and a few tickets for entrees and appetizers.


Ipswich Ale Brewery:

Ipswich rolled up in style with their signature beer truck.


Boston Beer Company (Sam Adams):

Along with their seasonal Octoberfest, Sam Adams brought with them their Latitude 48 IPA.


Brooklyn Brewery:

Brooklyn Brewery had their station equipped with recommendations for pairings with appetizers, entrees, and a dessert substitute. For their dessert substitute they hosted their delicious Black Chocolate Stout.


Harpoon Brewery:

Harpoon’s Glacier Harvest Wet Hop Ale paired well with the savory Lobster cupcakes we grabbed from one of the restaurants.


Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project:

One of Beeriety’s favorite local breweries Pretty Things brought three of their brews: American Darling, Field Mouse’s Farewell, and Jack D’or.



Peak Organic Brewing Company:

Their Espresso Amber Ale is definitely worth a try.


High & Mighty Beer Company:

These guys never let me down. I felt like I kept swinging by their booth to get my cup topped off.


Lobster Goodness:


(Susie of We are not Martha pictured on the top row.)

All great things eventually come to an end:

Enjoying some High and Mighty Two-Headed Beast with Adam.


(From left to right: Adam and Chris)