The Crafted Can – Young’s Double Chocolate Stout Review

Posted on August 17th, 2010

For this week’s installment of The Crafted Can, I took on Young’s Double Chocolate Stout, from British brewery Wells and Young. This 5.2% beer isn’t only packaged in a can, as you can also purchase it in bottles. However, you get a special treat when you buy the canned version: a cartridge of nitro called a widget. The 12oz. can is given extra length to house the widget.

A widget is like a little plastic ball with a tiny hole in it, either floating in the can or secured at the bottom. At a certain point in the canning process, nitrogen is injected into the can. The nitrogen expands when the can is sealed, gas and beer are forced into the widget through the tiny hole. When you open the can, the pressure drops, and the nitrogen flows through the beer. It greats a large amount of tiny bubbles that give the beer a solid head and adds a creamier texture.

If Yoo-hoo where to make a dark chocolate version of their chocolate water, this stout would be the alcoholic equivalent. The chocolate flavor is very straight forward, being brought by real dark chocolate along with chocolate essence. The aroma is straight up chocolate milk. I kept getting baffled by the effect caused by the widget. The only way to describe the texture is “creamy,” but since there’s no dairy causing that creaminess, it almost feels like it’s a bit watery.

My final verdict is that if you like dark chocolate, you’ll think this is a not-bad beer. It’s definitely drinkable, and you could probably drink a few without feeling too full.

Rating: 3 (Worth a try)

  • Anonymous

    It also tastes great in chocolate strawberry cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.

  • Thanks for the tip!

  • Chris

    Excellent beer, definitely worth a try. Picking up a pack tonight.

  • Verocindy

    Makes a great ice cream float for dessert! Wondered what the plastic ball was for, and this explanation is perfect.

  • Nina

    I’m glad I thought to Google “young’s double chocolate stout rattle inside can”… I was about to take it back to the liquor store, fearing there was some urban-legend-worthy thing in there that I didn’t want brushing against my lips!