The Crafted Can: Snapperhead All Malt IPA Review

Posted on July 12th, 2010

Today we debut the first post from the newest member of the Beeriety team, Alicia.  Among other topics, she’ll be researching and reviewing craft beer in cans, a recent development which has received much attention.

Cans of beer? Those must be cheap brews you find at frat parties. This is what I first thought when I was introduced to craft beer, but it turns out I was wrong – apparently, quite a few breweries can their craft beers. So now my question is, do they stand up to the rest? I have proudly taken the challenge of searching for the best canned craft beers. I want to know why some choose cans over bottles. I want to know the pros and the cons of fermentation. I want to talk to the cult followers and the prestigious shunners of this great category. Where did this all start, where is it now, and where is it going?

The first beer of this series is Snapperhead All Malt IPA from Butternuts Beer and Ale, based out of Garrattsville, NY. An interesting looking can greeted me, very yellow, with a fish on the front, rocking out to some tunes on a cassette player. I immediately thought of what I’ve been told when looking for fine wine: stay away from cute illustrations of animals on the cover. In this case, I think they hit the nail on the head.

The smell isn’t an IPA. The taste isn’t an IPA. This just isn’t a great IPA.

When they say “All Malt,” they aren’t kidding. At first smell, it seemed like I was about to drink a slightly maltier version of a cheap American lager. On tasting, the malt overpowered the hops, leaving my mouth very confused as to what I was drinking. As I forced myself to look past the malt, I found not as much hop flavor as I had hoped for. And after about two and a half cans of it (and this is someone that will drink as much craft beer until I can’t stand), I was sick of it.

This not the ideal way to start my journey into the crafted canned beer world, but they all can’t be winners, right?

Rating: 1/5 – Steer Clear

  • Wayne Pickett2

    Try Bombshell Blonde from Southern Star Brewery – Conroe, TX

  • Carguy350 They ca 4 of their most popular beers.